Flight Log 09-19-2016

Monday, September 19th 2016

Weather: Sunny
Winds: Calm

FMS F4U Corsair Marines: I finally got to maiden mine this morning. No winds at all, perfect morning for a maiden. She flew great! Mine is all stock with two exceptions, added a CC BEC Pro and an aluminum motor board replacement from Gary @ Custom RC Parts. Full flaps on landing looked magnificent!!! Very docile in the air. I didn’t have much issues at all with take off, of course flying from pavement and had a long take off slowly applying power and keeping tail down as long as I could, she didn’t even really pull to the left too bad at all, just a bit of right rudder and a nice scale take off. I used the 100mm CG and flew with an Admiral 6S 4500mah battery, and a 2S 1000mah powering the receiver and servos via the CC BEC Pro. I flew on low rates and throws were as per manual, except rudder which I gave myself a bit more throw. I only got one flight in due to time, but I’m still pretty happy with that.

ParkZone Mosquito Mk VI: This was an interesting “maiden” this morning. I owned this plane a while back. And I don’t just mean this type of plane, this exact model. I sold it and it got resold, and finally I saw it up for sale again, and I bought my own plane back 🙂 It’s been damaged a bit but fixed up. I even still had my transmitter settings saved, so setup was a breeze. Throws were as per manual, on low rates, and using a GensAce 3S 2600mah battery. She flew just as well as I remember, barely any trim needed and she flies hands off at half throttle. I had set my timer to 5 minutes but could easy go 6 maybe even 7.



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