Flight Log 08-03-2016

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

Weather: Sunny
Winds: Calm to 5mph

E-flite UMX F-16: I got in three flights today on this one. Getting a little more daring with this one now, doing some nice low passes over the runway. I flew with 2s 280mah battery packs. I flew on low rates, which are close to the manual, but a little more expo and 60% elevator rather than the recommended 50%. All three flights were spirited 2:30 minute flights with lots of throttle variation. Packs came down right around 3.80V per cell.

J-Power Grob G 120TP: Today was maiden day for this one finally! My rates where left at 100% throw (which kept suggested travel as per manual), but 30% expo, except rudder which was 90% throw with 30% expo. I used my flat LX 4S 5200mah 25C batteries. CG was at 105mm from leading edge. This is one stable flying bird, no problems at all, great cruising around and some aerobatic qualities too, though I’m not much good with aerobatics. Full flaps at 40mm deflection and she glides in nicely on low power for landing, touches down very gently. I didn’t have any issues with the stock landing gear at all so I won’t swap anything out until I have a reason to. I flew for approximately 5 minutes each flight and the batteries came down at 3.90V per cell both times. This is a great scale looking bird and she flies like a trainer, would be an excellent first larger bird for anyone looking to go bigger than the typical park size foamies. With the 30% expo she’s not twitchy at all but still has plenty of maneuverability.

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