Flight Log 06-11-2016

Saturday, June 11th 2016

Weather: Sunny
Winds: Calm

E-flite UMX F-16: Three flights today on this one, including the maiden flight! I flew with 2s 280mah battery packs. Conditions were calm, ideal for a maiden. This plane is easy to hand launch, a gentle throw with 75% throttle and just keep your thumb on the elevator to keep it level. I flew on low rates, which are close to the manual, but a little more expo and 60% elevator rather than the recommended 50%. All three flights were spirited 2:30 minute flights with lots of throttle variation. Packs came down right around 3.80V per cell.

E-flite UMX P-47: I only flew the maiden flight today for this one. It has the decalage issue which I’ll need to address. This issue cause the plane to climb a lot and almost seem tail heavy, I tried using some manual trim for down elevator but it didn’t fly very nice like that. I flew using a 2s 280mah battery on low rates with a little expo. It handled well with those settings. Before next flight I’ll be adding some card stock in the top of the fuse before the tail to try and fix the decalage issue as recommended on RCGroups. I flew for approximately 5 minutes and the battery came down at 3.90V per cell.

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