Flight Log 06-03-2016

Friday, June 3rd 2016

Weather: Sunny
Winds: Calm to 9mph

E-flite Carbon-Z T-28: Two flights today on this one. I flew with two 3s 5500mah battery packs in series making a 6S configuration on the motor and a 2S 1000mah battery on the receiver. First flight was in calm conditions and trying to land with flaps (take-off flap position) I had a hard time getting her to come down she just wanted to keep going, so I ended up with a power off bouncy landing at the end of the runway into the grass. Second flight we had a bit of a headwind, so landed with no flaps but still didn’t get onto the runway until 3/4s down the runway, luckily I slowed down enough to turn right before the end of the runway and didn’t end up in the grass! Both flights were spirited 5 minute flights with lots of throttle variation. Packs came down right around 3.85V per cell, perfect for storage. I flew on low rates for both flights.

HobbyZone Champ: Three flights on this one today, first in calm wind, second and third in higher winds. Love how this handles with a bit of a gust. I flew on 2S 200mah for two flights and 2S 300mah for the last flight. During the first flight I used a lot of high throttle resulting in my pack going down to 3.4 V per cell at landing. That’s a little low and bad for the batteries. All flights were on low rates with heavy aileron to rudder mix.

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