Flight Log 05-28-2016

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Weather: Mostly Sunny
Winds: Calm to 5mph Gusts

E-flite UMX B-25: Maiden flight on this one! Using the recommended 1S 300mah battery, in the position as shown in the pictures below. I think the battery could still go back just a little bit. also I left in the up elevator as it came from the factory. She flew beautifully, right out of my hand just slowly did a scale climb out. Very cool to have her fly close to the ground, looks amazing and she stays nice a stable even in the bit of gusts we were having. Looking forward to flying her in more wind and see how she behaves. I flew her initially on my mid rate settings (100% throw, 20% expo) but she felt a bit twitchy so I adjust her to my low rate settings (70% throw, 15% expo) and she behaved nice and scale. Great flight!

E-flite UMX B-17: I had one of these before and sold it, but with the demise of my Easysky B-17 I felt I wanted to pick this one up again. I flew it with one of the stock B-25 batteries (1S 300mah) and added a nickel into the front battery hatch, to giver her more weight up front. I flew her on my mid rates (100% throw. 20% expo) and she handled perfectly. I had some BabbelBatts 1S 550mah batteries arrive today in the mail, which is what I used in my previous E-flite B-17, so I’ll be able to remove the nickel and fly a little longer.

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