Flight Log 05-24-2016

Tuesday, May 24th 2016

Weather: Sunny
Winds: 3mph

EasySky B-17: Picked up one of these a couple of weeks ago, flew it today in 3mph winds… It behaved a little weird, I wasn’t able to real-time adjust the gyro gain┬ávia my TX (DX9) while flying and at full gyro it seemed to oscillate a lot. Flew much better with gyro off. However a few times the plane seemed to find a new neutral for elevator and also deflected the ailerons fully causing spiral to the ground. Can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with it.. Once in a while it was deflecting the elevator seemingly randomly.. guessing I may have a bad board or something. Nice thing is that even at what seems full force into the ground, it didn’t damage the airframe, just knocked off the front gun and battery cover, so it was back up in the air easy. I hope I can get the gremlins out of the electronics, otherwise this will become a static model as spare parts are very hard to find.



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